Why was Flink Life created

The name Flink Life has been drawn from the meaning of the word Flink which when translated from different languages including English and German can be used to mean  smart, fresh and to take it easy. So from this, Flink Life in our world translates to living a smart and simple life and connects creative people with consumers who want to live a smarter and simpler life.

Our generation has different demands for housing and lives a much different lifestyle to previous generations. Today we have a greater opportunity to travel and study, and many of us are spending longer at work .

In short today's generation are spending more time "outside"  the home rather than inside the home. So it makes sense to look for smarter ways to utilise the spaces we live in and make them more enjoyable.

By doing this we are able to purchase smaller apartments that are more in tune with how much time we spend there.

At the same time this means we are saving money on lower mortgage payments and associated fees such as electricity, cleaning and maintenance etc.

An increasing number of people are choosing to live alone and singles and couples without children are one of the fastest growing demographics in the world so this leads to an observation that we are trying to live in smaller spaces, more simply, smarter, and more economically too due to the world economy and recent GFC.   

Let us refer to this "smarter and simpler living" as "Living the Flink Life" 

In times past our grandmothers and mothers longed for a large kitchen, formal dining and spacious bedroom, and the men of the family were after large workshops and garages.

In today's rather busier world things have changed and with new ways to experience media and entertainment  the focus is more often towards an easier Lifestyle and more focus on leisure time e.g. priorities become a big TV and the latest sound system so after a hard day at work we can watch a great movie or listen to the latest music releases.

We are also seeing increasing popularity of new technology and even robots, to help make our life at home easier. These are all aimed at giving us more leisure time. 


The aim of the project Flink Life is:

To inspire and inform our readers using short videos about the latest trends and opportunities in housing and  technology and encourage them to experience smart living and live the Flink Life.

The initial goal is to create a fully-fledged display apartment with living solutions for everything from A to Z and all within in a small studio apartment, which is only 37m2 internally plus an outdoor terrace of 40m2.

By connecting with other project lifestyle companies and showcasing their innovative  and often futuristic products we are looking to link Czech and international designers, manufacturers and businesses to help promote their products in a more positive way that shows a clear lifestyle benefit and outcome to potential customers.

We were inspired by videos and projects in the USA (New York), Japan and China ... We want to show that modern and  futuristic design can be compatible with a practical and simple lifestyle.