Production - Janine Alexander

Janine has had a very varied and exciting  career working as a photographic model  as well  as being an internationally recognised stylist and makeup artist.

She was even appointed as head costume designer for a Czech feature film.

She now also works as a producer and participates with international teams, producing commercials, short films, documentaries, music videos and viral videos. She has worked on projects with a number of well known lifestyle magazines such as Menhouse and Playboy and her work has featured in many fashion magazines including Elle.

  • Productions:  Including Otash Uz studio, total production of viral videos Lie versus Truth, Jan and Janine,  and promotional materials for the Hotel Savoy Westend
  • Movies and cooperation at concerts: for Olga Lounová, Imodium, Eddie Stoilow and Lou Reed
  • Production editorials for magazines: Playboy, Menhouse and World Women
  • Cooperation in charitable projects: One republic, calendars for Drop of Hope, Theresa Max's
  • Cooperation in international teams: Smirnoff advertising, Clavin, Escada,  and currently acting as the main production company for Reviderm in Prague.

She is a passionate traveller and has operated businesses both in Europe and in the USA. The USA is devoted to unconventional means of designing houses and this was one of the factors which sparked interest in developing the Flink Life project.

This wealth of experience means Janine has many key contacts  that will generate marketing opportunities within a number of related industries and lifestyle magazines. Her success is due to her flexibility and drive and her ability to motivate individuals to work as a team and this will be a huge benefit for anyone that partners with Flink Life