Dorah Bondy

Dorah Bondy is a Czech singer and songwriter.

 She studied classical singing with Prof. Helen Malikov.

Dorah has collaborated with many artists including Geoff Tyson, now well known in his own right as the Geoff Tyson Band and a past pupil of legendary American guitarist Joe Satriani

 She has been a regular on Czech stages performing with well known artists such as vocal band MaleeDivy, and currently playing in bands OhJeez, Larika, Forbidden Fruit, The Geoff Tyson Band,  and HyperSin.

In addition to these musical projects Dorah is a dedicated professional  focusing on composition of music and song writing. Dorah has also been involved in a number of advertising campaigns, promotional videos, and short films and you can hear her voice, for example, in the popular video game Just Dance (2014), where she sang 99 Luftbaloons, German Nena and  flash video game Legend of the Bird Spirit.

From 2013 onwards Dorah has been working on producing and promoting her latest album called Acoustic Hysteria